Dermnet nz advertisement facts about skin from the new zealand dermatological society incorporated. Topic index: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z dermnet nz mobile site contents topics a-z cme find nz dermatologist news disclaimer about us contact us glossary home | bacterial infections kawasaki disease what is kawasaki disease? Kawasaki disease is an acute febrile illness with inflammation of small- and medium-sized blood vessels throughout the body, in particular, the coronary arteries (blood vessels around the heart). Kawasaki disease was previously known as mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome. It was first described in japan in 1967 by dr tomisaku kawasaki, a paediatrician. Without treatment kawasaki disease is usually self-limiting illness and resolves spontaneously within 4-8 weeks. However, about 20% of untreated cases develop coronary artery damage and approximately 2% of patients will die, most commonly from a heart attack. This outlook is improved significantly with appropriate treatment. Who gets kawasaki disease? cheap generic viagra Eighty percent of cases occur in children younger than 5 years of age with a peak incidence between 1 to 2 years. viagra cost The disease is very uncommon in those over 14 years old and in adults. viagra no prescription fastest shipping us Overall it occurs more commonly in boys than girls. Although cases of kawasaki disease have been reported in children of all ethnic origins, the highest incidence is in children of asian descent especially japanese. viagra for sale There are 5000-6000 cases each year in japan. What causes kawasaki disease? viagra usa online The cause of kawasaki disease is unknown. What are the signs and symptoms of kawasaki disease? buy viagra cheap There are several clinically apparent stages of kawasaki disease. buy female viagra uk online Typically a child with kawasaki disease has a high swinging fever (beyond 39c), associated with a number of other features. The 5 cardinal signs of kawasaki disease are: rash – the rash of kawasaki disease may be morbilliform (measles-like), maculopapular (red patches and bumps), erythematous (red skin) or target-like and may be persistent over days or evanescent. viagra viagra viagra comparison Skin peeling may occur in the convalescent stage of the illness. viagra without prescription Oral signs – the typical changes include redness within the mouth or on the pharynx, strawberry tongue, and red or cracked lips. Eye signs – redness of the bulbar conjunctivae (whites of the eyes) without exudate or stickiness. Peripheral limb signs – including firm swelling of the hands and feet, sometimes including the fingers and toes, with redness of the palms and soles. Periungual desquamation (peeling of skin around the fingernails) may occur during the convalescent stage of the illness. viagra generico farmacia italia Lymphadenopathy – swollen lymph glands. viagra side effects on young men

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